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When to consult?

• Visit our center after you have missed your periods by 5 days
• Confirm the pregnancy
• Do routine lab investigation
• Vitamins intake is essential  from first month for correct structural growth of baby
• Discuss about your pregnancy

How often should you visit the center?

The recommended routine is;
• Every month up to 7 months
• Every two weeks up to 9 months
• Every week till delivery.
As each patient unique, antenatal visit may vary depending on the patient.

During the subsequent visit?

• Baby’s growth is assessed
• Further investigations are done when required.


Scan is usually done at 3rd and 5th month to see that the baby is structurally normal. Further growth scans are done as required usually at the 7th and 9th month.

First Trimester Screening by certain blood tests to rule out certain chromosomal disorders in the baby can be done.

Consult your Doctor in case of

1. Bleeding PV

2. Intermittent pain and low back ache  during any period of pregnancy

3. Abnormal white discharge

4. Draining PV

5. Decreased fetal movements

6. Swelling in legs, face , whole body with or with out headache, vomiting, abdomen pain and blurring of vision

7. Frequent and burning urination

8. Any General symptoms like cough, cold and loose stools.